About ENSTA Bretagne: French State Graduate, Post-Graduate and Research Institute based in Brest


A multidisciplinary engineering institute

ENSTA Bretagne is a French national graduate engineering institute which offers three year engineering programmes to both civilian and military students. The courses are of high quality and are designed to ensure that students have an excellent level of expertise in their chosen field of Engineering. ENSTA Bretagne graduates are able to design, build and manage complex electronic and mechanical systems.

ENSTA Bretagne was founded in 1971 and is a multidisciplinary engineering institute under the auspices of the French Defence Ministry (DGAC)

Excellent employment prospects

The programmes offered at ENSTA Bretagne are wide and varied, encompassing different aspects of science, technology and human resource management. ENSTA Bretagne graduates are therefore sufficiently equipped to choose a career either as a design, research, development or trials

Engineer or alternatively as a Project Manager in many different fields such as electronics, computer sciences, telecommunications, automotive engineering, naval construction, offshore engineering, land-based vehicles, mechanical engineering, structural calculations, energetic materials and underwater detection systems.

Every year approximately 200 newly graduated Engineers enter the workplace and join the 4 000 ENSTA Bretagne Alumni already active in industry. At the beginning of 2016, a survey of the last graduating classes showed that 93% of the graduation class of 2014 were in employment and that 60% of ENSTA Bretagne graduates had found a job before completing their studies.

International involvement

ENSTA Bretagne is committed to developing a strong international perspective. ENSTA Bretagne’s international strategy is to develop and maintain close ties with international, industrial and academic partners through various initiatives. These initiatives include conventions with foreign universities, involvement in European projects and participation in student exchange programmes.

Furthermore, ENSTA Bretagne academic programmes provide ample opportunity for students to learn more about other countries and cultures. Students are given the option of studying several foreign languages. It is also common for them to do their work placements abroad.

An exceptional location

ENSTA Bretagne is located in Brest a city that lies on the western-most tip of France. Brest is the European capital of marine and oceanographic research. It is also home to the Brest Iroise Technopole ( Brest Technology Cluster). This cluster brings together companies and institutions involved in activities relating to the sector of electronics, IT and telecommunications. The synergy created by complementary firms and institutions working together produces greater efficiency, potential and progress in research activities. ENSTA Bretagne has close links with this cluster and is currently involved in a number of projects.

The city of Brest
  • Brest is located on the western-most tip of France between The English Channel and the The Bay of Biscay. It is the largest town in Finistere, which is one of four departments that make up the region of Brittany.
  • Brest is a lively and dynamic university city with a student population of 27 000. There are several third level institutions including 7 “grandes écoles” (national engineering institutes and business schools) and the Université Bretagne Occidental (University of Western Brittany). It is also the European capital of marine and oceanographic research
  • Unsurprisingly given its location Brest has a strong maritime culture with many sea related sights and leisure activities. The area is renowned for its picturesque fishing villages, lighthouses and rugged coastline. Finistere, with over 800 kilometres of coast, is the number one maritime department in France and is acknowledged to be a world-class leader in sailing.
  • The temperate climate, exceptionally beautiful natural vistas, a strong cultural identity and a distinct architectureal style make this region a great place to live and work.