An outstanding experience at the Australian Maritime College

 Students in internship at Australian Maritime College

Paul S. from the University of Rostock, Germany, and Guillaume Payen and Guillaume Dumarest from ENSTA-Bretagne, France, have travelled over 16,000 km to spend time at AMC as part of their Naval Architecture Master’s degrees.

Extracts of the website of Australian Maritime College, University of Tasmania

Guillaume P and Guillaume D are on eleven-month-long research internships investigating how the size of an underwater vehicle affects its ability to manoeuvre. Guillaume D explains why it’s an area of interest to underwater vehicle designers and manufacturers.

Guillaume D. :

Research in this area helps us better understand some of the phenomena that can impact the performance of underwater vehicles – for example the creation of some vortices (whirling masses of water) around the hull that could reduce manoeuvrability".

Understanding the origins of these phenomena, and being better able to predict them, will allow architecture improvements.”

Photo: Guillaume P. in AMC's towing tank ©AMC


All three students have used the towing tank to carry out the experimental stage of their research, testing a model scale catamaran and underwater vehicle over the course of about a month.

The model testing completed, they moved to computer-based simulation, using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), and validated the results using their towing tank work.

CFD as a computing science is perpetually improving, thanks to dramatic increases in computing power. This lets us conduct previously impossible calculations and model interactions more accurately than ever before” Guillaume D said.

The European trio are keen to convey how much they’ve enjoyed their Tassie experience outside the confines of the towing tank.

Tasmania is awesome,” they respond in unison. “We’re really happy to be here. As well as good experience for our careers and great support from supervisors, we’ve enjoyed learning about a new culture and meeting new people,” Guillaume D adds. 

We all really like nature and bush-walking; just last weekend we did three days of bushwalking at the Three Capes track on the Tasman Peninsula, where we saw dolphins and seals.

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