ENSTA Bretagne succeed in joining the BEST Network.

ENSTA Bretagne, new member of the BEST Network

ENSTA Bretagne - BEST Network

Led by 4 2nd year students at ENSTA Bretagne, the team in charge of its application to the BEST network have pulled it off!

Everything started in January 2017. Initiated by Klara Kovesi, lecturer at the Human and Social Sciences Department of ENSTA Bretagne, 10 students embarked on the crazy challenge of joining the BEST network (Board of European Students of Technology); a network made up of 95 student associations, called “local groups”, representing 95 universities and specialized engineering schools in 32 European countries. This association aims to encourage communication, work and discussion among European students through different events throughout the continent: forums, competitions, lessons, meetings etc

« For students who are part of the network, BEST brings great opportunities abroad and in terms of the development of soft skills (1) which are essential in the professional world” – Arthur Lesbros, president of the BEST ENSTA Bretagne local group.

Participating in this project is the occasion to form ties with people of every background and culture” – Grégor Hadjidakis – Secretary of the BEST ENSTA Bretagne local group. 

In France, 8 schools are already part of the network : Polytechnique, ENSTA Paris Tech, Centrale Paris, Supélec, les Arts et Métiers Paris Tech, INSA Lyon, L’Université de Lorraine (Nancy) and Grenoble INP. On 27 July 2017 they were joined by ENSTA Bretagne.

With the help of ENSTA Paris Tech, the Brest students compiled an application file to the exacting standards of BEST and were accepted with numerous congratulations: quite an exploit for a smaller, less well-known school than the other European establishments represented. Most BEST members represent at least 10 000 students each. 

« What pleased the jury ? The motivation of the group ! We received positive feedback. The members of the jury were delighted to receive another French group. » -Arthur Lesbros.

Today, ENSTA Bretagne is in the “observation” phase: the first step in the long procedure before becoming an official member of BEST. The team has 1 and a half years to go on to the next level and become a “baby member”. To do so, the students have to organize an event within ENSTA Bretagne. Throughout this trial period, they will be monitored by the network doctor as well as other players of the group who will support them during the preparation for the event.

Access to the network is beneficial for the students as they will gain experience, meet other larger local groups and create contacts with all nationality of companies. BEST will also enable ENSTA Bretagne to complete European partnerships, by creating new links with establishments which are reputed for their engineering in Europe.

« It is incredible for our students to have access to this network! It will open numerous doors for them” – Klara Kovesi. 

The next step for the team ? Recruit new members, make a start on the “test event”, organize other events within the school and go to meetings in Porto and Istanbul with the network.


(1) Soft skills : non-technical skills and relational qualities, people skills.