New Student Club : ENSTAéro Bretagne

After the summer break 2016, a new student club was created by our aeronautics aficionados. The club has signed up for the “NAE Challenge”, and is developing a drone (a Minibee demo version) which will be exhibited at the Salon de Bourget 2017. When the team first presented its project to the jury, it came top.

Made up of about twenty students, the new aeronautics club, “ENSTAéro Bretagne”, is already very active. Apart from maintaining flying hours and participating in fairs and air shows, the team has just placed at the “NAE” challenge, proposed by the Normandie Aerospace network.

Development of a drone for the NAE challenge

The NAE challenge aims to encourage students to imagine innovative solutions for the design of a MiniBee : a vertical take-off plane capable of linking Cherbourg to Rouen in one hour.

The student groups concentrate on a technological building block such as interior design, power generation, aerodynamic performance, avionics, structure and in-flight safety. The students are not only in competition as they must also share their progress through a shared work space online.

The ENSTA Bretagne team has chosen to develop a functioning demo version of the MiniBee (drone) which will be presented during the Salon du Bourget on 24 June 2017.

A promising project

The first phase of the competition on 24 November last, brought the different teams together in Rouen. Three members of the ENSTAéro Bretagne were present. One of them won the nanodrone pilot competition.

The team presented their project to the jury for 5 minutes, who then asked them questions for 3 minutes. Composed of the president of VolumE company, the director of the NAE network, the head of communication of NAE, the president of Technoplane (who came up with the MiniBee concept), an editor of Air & Cosmos magazine and a lecturer from the University of Rouen, the jury were convinced by the quality of the ENSTA Bretagne students’ project. They were given first place on the podium and thus obtained a head start on the other teams.

The adventure is on-going for the members of ENSTAéro Bretagne who are in a hive of activity for this challenge.

Photo taken on 24 November 2016 on a barge at Rouen during the first stage of the NAE challenge.

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