Advanced Master in Management of Maritime Projects

Objective : train « project managers » able to pilot, coordinate and evaluate maritime projects of international caliber. 

These project managers are reponsible for the piloting of one or several projects from the needs analysis stage right up to the ultimate evaluation stage. In their roles they know how to anticipate so as to optimize the risks and opportunities in a complex and uncertain environment. They thus anticipate the impacts of transformations and manage the accompaniment to those changes. 

A 2 semester program

This training takes place over one whole academic year and is composed of a first academic  semester (approx. 500 hours of classes, directed study and the Studies Laboratory) from mid September to the end of February. The second semester is dedicated to an internship in a professional environment. 

The lessons cover the ecosystem of the maritime project, its piloting and management. An implementation project and an internship in a company complete the course.

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In terms of training, the student(s) will have developed skills in:

  • Design and implementation of a maritime project
  • Expertise and mastery of techniques linked to the specificities of the maritime field
  • Management of an international team
  • Administrative and budgetary management
  • Communication and management of partnerships
  • Evaluation of quality development  

Training in partnership with Sciences Po Rennes

The originality of the training is that from the start of the academic year, it integrates piloting a long project in a group, combining the Specialized Advanced Master Management of Maritime Project students with those of the “Land and Sea” Master, of Sciences Po Rennes, to give better training in the strong interdisciplinarity of the maritime field. Thus, the “Maritime Studies Laboratory” take place on the Brest (ENSTA Bretagne) campus (50%), and on the Rennes (Institut d’Etudes Politiques) campus (50%).

Apart from this project, the « Ecosystem of the Maritime Project » lessons take place on the ENSTA Bretagne campus at Brest (40%) and on the Institut d’Etudes Politiques campus in Rennes (60%). The 2 “Pilot a Maritime Project” units and 3 “Manage an International Maritime Project” units will take place on the ENSTA Bretagne Brest campus.

Industry at the heart of the training.

The pedagogical program of the Specialized Advanced Master “Management of Maritime Projects » was created around the participation of industrialists in the training. The latter, according to their profiles, participate on several levels:

  • during lectures and testimonies to share their experience with the Advanced Master students ;
  • by participating in the lessons and directed study
  • by proposing application projects which will serve as the framework of the “Studies Laboratory”course unit
  • by proposing internships for the professional stage
  • by being a member of the Specialized Advanced Master Development Council.

Several bodies and companies already support the training including Naval Group, SOFRESID, PIRIOU, Ailes Marines and Bretagne Pôle Naval.

Possible careers

These project managers work throughout the maritime sector : maritime safety and security, naval and recreational boating, energy and sea mine resources, marine biological resources, the environment and coastal development, ports, infrastructures and maritime transport within SMEs and major groups.

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This training is certified by the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles



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