Become an Engineer at ENSTA Bretagne:
Multidisciplinary Engineer Training

The excellence of ENSTA Bretagne’s engineer training is based on the expertise of its research centre and the “systems” approach of its teaching.

ENSTA Bretagne trains multidisciplinary engineers (mechanics, electronics, informatics, hydrography, human and social sciences) who are immediately operational in the most innovative industries: naval, offshore, automotive, aeronautical, defense, energy, hydrography, ICST etc

Our engineer training cycles Duration   Admission
Diplôme d'ingénieur (i.e MSc in Engineering) 3 years Post Bachelor Degree (Bsc) or equivalent
On dossier and interview
Diplôme d'ingénieur (i.e MSc in Engineering) 2 years After a complition of first year of Master
On dossier and interview
Master of Science (MSc) 2 years Post Bachelor Degree (Bsc) or equivalent
On dossier and interview


Hélène Klucik, Head of Studies

“ENSTA Bretagne offers the scientific, technical and social training and skills which are essential for mastering and designing complex industrial systems. Thanks to its excellence in training multidisciplinary engineers, our graduates have access to a broad spectrum of careers and their professional integration is excellent (employment rate of 93% in 2015).”

 Key Figures

  • Students: approx. 900 (20% of whom are military)
  • Graduates: 4000 + approx. 200 new graduates/year
  • 18 % foreign students
  • Teachers, lecturers and technicians: approx. 100
  • Non-permanent teachers : approx. 300
  • PhD students : approx. 90

Our engineering degrees are CTI approved and accredited EUR-ACE (European engineer training accreditation).