Diplôme d'ingénieur (i.e MSc in Engineering)

ENSTA Bretagne trains civil and military (IETA) engineers capable of designing and creating complex industrial systems, which are predominantly in the fields of electronics, informatics, mechanics and hydrography, in an international environment.

A “systems” approach

Through multidisciplinary teaching, ENSTA Bretagne trains student engineers from strategic prior reflection to managing major programs.

A curriculum “à la carte”

student engineers follow one of the numerous in-depth courses on offer. The specialization is progressive (the first choice is made at the end of the first year following a multidisciplinary project, and is consolidated at the beginning of the 2nd year).

Substitutions, in-company or research center internships, research Masters, joint major degrees…are also on offer to complete your choice of curriculum. More information...

An international outlook

Mastery of English, complementary foreign language training, participation in intercultural projects, substitution in foreign partner universities; international awareness is an integral part of engineer training at ENSTA Bretagne.

Training/Research/Companies : a winning combination

ENSTA Bretagne is an active member of the graduate education, research and industries networks : PRES, competitiveness clusters, Institutes of Excellence…


As Olivier V. ENSTA Bretagne graduate (2011 cohort) who followed the Informatics and Automatics for Embedded Systems option, testifies:

“One of the advantages of my training is to have been in contact with skilled people who were passionate about their work. I particularly appreciated learning through projects. The subjects proposed were diverse and fascinating: they required real personal investment. With a team of teachers from different research laboratories, ENSTA Bretagne proposed dynamic training which was adapted and renewed each year, keeping pace with the latest technological developments.