Director's Welcome

Pascal Pinot, Director of ENSTA Bretagne

"Welcome to the Internet site of ENSTA Bretagne, a French Engineering Institute and Research Centre. By choosing to study at ENSTA Bretagne you choose to embrace the spirit of openness and adventure. You also choose competence, performance and a desire to innovate in an environment geared towards enterprise and research with an international context. Whether it is in the naval, automobile, electronic, computer or real time technologies sector, studying at ENSTA Bretagne will provide you with the opportunity to develop both your technical expertise and personal skills.
The engineering programmes offered by ENSTA Bretagne are accredited by ‘La Commission des Titres d’Ingénieurs et la Conférence des Grandes Ecoles’*. It is also important to mention that our institute is at the heart of numerous industrial and academic networks which enables ENSTA Bretagne graduates to join leading companies and research centres around the world.
The engineering programmes highlighted and presented on this site are for the most part taught in English. If you’d like further information, please feel free to contact us. Enjoy your visit and I hope to see you soon at ENSTA Bretagne".

* French government body responsible for maintaining and monitoring standards of graduate engineering institutes in France.

 Aim High Sail Far

The spirit of adventure, «Aim high, sail far», is the first thing you notice when you arrive in the maritime city of Brest, the European capital of marine science and technology. It also expresses our will to train engineers who are open to the world around them, focusing on sciences and innovation. «Aim high» is a state of mind, combining the curiosity, adaptability and creativity that drive our students meeting the expectations of high tech industries.