ENSTA Bretagne Staff

ENSTA Bretagne, an IS0 9001 certified establishment

ENSTA Bretagne prides itself in setting and maintaining extremely high standards. It is therefore essential that the school is run in a professional, highly-organised and business-like manner. In an effort to increase its performance, ENSTA Bretagne sought and successfully gained ISO 9001:2008 standard accreditation for all its principal activities.

ENSTA Bretagne's three main activities are:

  • Achieving the institute's objectives: providing award winning training programmes and developing its research and development activities
  • Implementing the school's long-term strategy: continuous improvement and development
  • Running and managing the institute: communications, international relations, partnership with industry, human resources, logistics, technical maintenance and managing archives

Mrs Ingrid Le Toutouze, Communications Manager

“ENSTA Bretagne is undergoing considerable development. Each year ENSTA Bretagne offers more places to students and also innovates by setting up new training programs. Its research activities continue to increase, diversify and gain international success. In this context, the institute works closely with its future students, business, partners and personnel. There are many events to cover within the school and the methods of communication vary enormously: monthly newsletter, website and exhibitions amongst other things. It’s a very interesting job, to be in contact with different kinds of personnel, all dedicated to their work and the insitute”

 ENSTA Bretagne has four types of personnel:

  • Permanent teachers and researchers (approximately 110)
  • Non-permanent teachers, very often they are professionals from industry: more than 300 teachers
  • Phd students: 100
  • Administrative personnel: more than 100 people employed to carry out different tasks such as technical maintenance, managing finance and communication among others.