ENSTA Bretagne Students

Where do they come from ?

Our students come from France and all over the world.

France : Paris, Lille, Marseille, Grenoble, Lyon, Nantes, Brest, Bordeaux, Rennes, Toulon, Toulouse ...
 Around the globe :Czech Republic, Russia, Mauritius, Benin ...

Gender mix

Although it is a technical school, up to 25% of the students are girls. This is quite a high figure, compared to other French schools.

Diverse backgrounds

The French education system has a wide range of vocational, technical, competitive or selective courses and there are many ways of gaining admission to a graduate Engineering school. The vast majority of the students (cycle d'ingénieur), both civilian and military, are selected on the basis of a competitive exam, the "concours". You can find further information on the programme that prepares students for this exam, see the following wiki : Classe_préparatoire_aux_grandes_écoles.

We also have some students who come from the University system. These students are called “auditeurs libres”. They are chosen through a recruitment process, based on interviews and the submission of a file.

The final category of student is FIPA (Formation d’Ingénieur par Alternance). These are students that enter ENSTA Bretagne with a 2-year diploma from a technical college. Just like the “auditeurs libres”, they are recruited through an interview-based process.