History of ENSTA Bretagne

Founded in 1971, ENSTA Bretagne was originally established to train Engineers for the French Ministry of Defence.

In 1990, ENSTA Bretagne opened its doors to civilian students. Since then, the percentage of civilians has gradually increased over the years to such an extent that they now make up 80% of the students. Over the same period, the school also developed its R&D activity hiring its first research-fellow in 1992.

Today, 200 students graduate every year from ENSTA Bretagne. They join other ENSTA Bretagne trained Engineers already employed by major French and international companies active in various industries around the world.

ENSTA Bretagne has also established itself in the field of research with its laboratories gaining wide recognition for their accomplishments. These laboratories are currently running several reseach progammes with their international partners.

Important Dates

  • 1819     Creation of the French Navy Arsenal Schools to provide training in naval architecture
  • 1971     Creation of the Institute
  • 1990     The competitive entrance examination was opened to civilian students
  • 1992     The beginning af research activities
  • 2005     The Minister of Defense, Higher Education and Research inaugurated the research center.
  • 2007     ISO 9001 certification for the entire range of activities
  • 2010     Creation of the ENSTA Group with ENSTA ParisTech and adoption of the new name ENSTA Bretagne


In September 2005, ENSTA Bretagne's new research centre was inaugurated by the French Minister of Defense at a ceremony attended by the French Minister for Higher Education and Research as well as many other dignitaries.