Hydrography - Oceanography Diplôme d'ingénieur (i.e MSc in Engineering)

ENSTA Bretagne is one of the few institutes around the world that offers this programme. This programme is open to international students with most of the courses taught in English. The course involves a five-month postgraduate level research project and aims to prepare students for work in applied research.

3 specializations: Hydrographic Engineering and Data Processing, Operational Oceanography and Marine Geophysics

Hydrographic Engineering and Data Processing
-Bathymetrical data processing
-Multibeam sounders
-Processing of geographical/geomatic data.

Operational Oceanography
-Modelling of ocean-atmosphere interactions
- Oceanographic instrumentation
-Installation of in-situ detectors

Marine Geophysics
The students learn the rheological laws and methods which enable them to model the deformation of the Earth’s crust so as to be able to analyze and interpret the deformation. The students learn how to select the correct marine environment geological study tools to attain the scientific or industrial objective: a study before installing structures (for the oil and mining industries, renewable marine energies etc), basic research, knowledge of the environment etc.

This profile is associated with the “Marine Geophysics” Research Master of the University of Brest (UBO). 

Aims of the programme

Acquire and develop knowledge of:

  • Hydrography
  • Fundamentals of physical Oceanography
  • Gathering and analysing field data
  • Survey technologies and methodologies
  • Managing hydrographic projects

The programme has access to a wide range of survey instrumentation including echo and frequency sounders, tide gauges, magnetometers and gravimeters. Students are also provided with the latest data processing software.

Furthermore the “Panopée”, a highly equipped survey craft, is available to the students for practical work at sea.


QPS provides free of charge to ENSTA Bretagne licenses of their hydrographic data acquisition software QINSy. QPS also provides free licences of Qimera and Fledermaus. 


  • Entry-level requirements
    To enter the programme in first year applicants must hold a BSc degree.
  • To enter the programme in second year applicants must have one or more of the following qualifications:

       >  An Engineering degree from a French Grande Ecole.
        > An MSc degree awarded by a French university
        > An equivalent qualification from a foreign university or institute which is accepted by the admissions committee.
  • Application on line begins 15 January and ends 15 April


European funding : The ERASMUS programme enables European students to obtain grants to study or do internships outside of their home country


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