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The 2017 Degree Ceremony   06/12/2018
On 25 November 2017, during the 2017 Degree Ceremony, 250 ENSTA Bretagne engineers, Masters, Specialized Advanced Masters and numerous laureates were rewarded.

From archaeo-robotics to Sub-Meeting 2018   25/05/2018
Sub-Meeting 2018 has just finished : 2 days of experiments in marine robotics aiming to further research techniques on wrecks and promote the concept of Archaeo-robotics.  

The BEST ENSTA Bretagne group becomes a « Baby member »   15/05/2018
Created in January 2017, the BEST group of ENSTA Bretagne has just been accepted as a « Baby member » of the European "Board of European Students of Technology" organization. Well-deserved recognition for the Brest team!

The Student Union (BDE) : a new team at the helm   03/05/2018
After three weeks of energetic campaigning, an incredible quantity of crepes distributed, challenges a gogo….a new team were elected at the head of the Student Union. Blas, 1st year apprentice engineer at ENSTA Bretagne was elected president. Interview

Signature of the agreement for a double diploma in Maritime Engineering   02/05/2018
ENSTA Bretagne and the University of Adelaide (UoA) have formalized the opening of a Franco-Australian double diploma in Maritime Engineering (submarines and surface vessels) from the start of the 2018 academic year

ENSTA Bretagne and Naval Group strengthen their partnership   24/04/2018
Hervé Guillou, CEO of Naval Group has become « godparent » to the 2019 Cohort and signed a new partnership agreement with ENSTA Bretagne to further training and R&D relations in the naval sector, especially intelligent embedded systems.

Signature of an agreement within the framework of the Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IITM)   04/04/2018
   The Brest academic delegation have succeeded in signing a cooperation agreement within the framework of the Jeanne d’Arc mission to Chennai (Madras). 

The Campus is expanding   15/03/2018
Proof of the development of the school, the ENSTA Bretagne campus has been a building site for several months.

ENSTA Bretagne opens a new Specialized Advanced Master dedicated to Management of Maritime Projects   22/02/2018
The new Specialized Advanced Master « Management of Maritime Projects », certified by the Pôle Mer Bretagne Atlantique in December, has just obtained certification from the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles.

FPGA4GPC 2018: International Conference on FPGA Reconfiguration for General-Purpose Computing   20/02/2018
The international Conference on FPGA will take place on 26-27 June 2018 at ENSTA Bretagne,  Brest, France

Meet us in India and Mexico!   26/01/2018
   Do you leave in India or Mexico ? ENSTA Bretagne is coming to you! In February 2018, you can meet a representative of ENSTA Bretagne with 2 events organised by Campus France.

ENSTA Bretagne, new member of the BEST network   13/11/2017
  ENSTA Bretagne succeed in joining the BEST Network.

Ophélia B., student and talented competitor   06/09/2017
Ophélia, 2017 Cohort (left in the photo), has been collecting awards since secondary school. She has just won a new prize for Robotics and Biomimetics with her team at the University of Illinois.

A semester abroad at the Instituto Superior Técnico de Lisboa   06/09/2017
  Alexis,  Baptiste and Martin share with us their experience in Lisboa and their trip in the Azores

Pascal Pinot new director of ENSTA Bretagne   06/09/2017
  On 1 August 2017, he takes over from Patrick Puyhabilier.

An outstanding experience at the Australian Maritime College   09/03/2017
Guillaume P and Guillaume D are on eleven-month-long research internships at Australian Maritime College (University of Tasmania) investigating how the size of an underwater vehicle affects its ability to manoeuvre.  

Happy New Year 2017   01/01/2017
On behalf of staff and students at ENSTA Bretagne we wish you a very happy New Year in 2017.

Signature of the Objectives and Performance Contract 2017 - 2021   14/12/2016
On 14 December 2016, Jean-Yves Le Drian, Minister of Defense and Patrick Puyhabilier, Director of ENSTA Bretagne signed the new Objectives and Performance Contract.

The 43rd graduation ceremony of ENSTA Bretagne   26/11/2016
After three years of engineer training, as students or apprentices; the 2016 ENSTA Bretagne cohort celebrated their graduation and entry into the world of work. By their sides were the young Master and Advanced Master graduates, who had come to obtain technical expertise in  Marine Sciences, Mechanical Sciences and Information Technology.

New Student Club : ENSTAéro Bretagne   25/11/2016
After the summer break 2016, a new student club was created by our aeronautics aficionados.  

Exploring Guerledan : the new interdisciplinary project which mixes hydrography and robotics   10/10/2016
Mapping Guerledan Lake, that is the mission which will be entrusted to the hydrographic and robotic students of ENSTA Bretagne this year. This is a new project which invites two scientific communities to work together on a life-sized project.

The new 2016 academic year for international students at ENSTA Bretagne   10/09/2016
There are even more nationalities on campus at ENSTA Bretagne this year. To receive the new students in the best conditions, ENSTA Bretagne has put in place an action plan involving several contributors  

Victory at the HydroContest Challenge 2016 !   23/08/2016
L'ENSTA Bretagne, en partenariat avec l'ENSA Paris La Villette, remporte le 1er prix dans la catégorie "transport de masse" et la 2nde dans la catégorie "transport léger". Une belle victoire pour cette équipe qui associe des elèves-ingénieurs spécialisés en architecture navale et systèmes embarqués.  

The 6th edition of the Rendez-vous du Monde Maritime conference is a great success!   19/07/2016
Wednesday 13 July, ENSTA Bretagne invited 200 engineers and professionals of the maritime world to the 6th edition of the Rendez-vous du Monde Maritime, which was held in Brest for the first time. This special moment, at the start of the maritime festivities, gave rise to in-depth discussions on maritime innovation.

Shell Eco-Marathon, a new record for the ENSTA Bretagne team.   18/07/2016
859 km travelled on 1 liter of petrol : Team ENSTA Bretagne’s new record at the Shell Eco-Marathon which was held in London from 30 June to 3 July 2016. This new performance enabled the team to come 6th in the Petrol Prototype category! 

Two second year students at the ACE-X 2016 Scientific Congress   05/07/2016
Samara and Ophélia presented their 2nd year industrial project research at the ACE-X 2016 international conference, in Croatia on 4 July 2016. Their research was on” lamibois” or plywood composed of 1mm approx. thicknesses of laminated wood

ENSTA Bretagne, integral part of the CYBER Center of Excellence   17/04/2016
Created in Brittany two years ago, the CYBER Center of Excellence (PEC in French) aims to develop the cyber domain (cyber security and cyber defense), on a national level and to shine on an international level. It has consolidated the well-woven and deeply rooted industrial and academic fabric here in Brittany.

First prize at the Entrepreneuriales de Bretagne for INOBO Kiteboarding   25/03/2016
Friday 24 March, 50 student teams from all over Brittany presented their company creation projects at the finals of the Entrepreneuriales of Brittany. INOBO won over the jury and took first prize for their transparent, customizable and connected kitesurfing boards.

Our specialities   07/03/2016
ENSTA Bretagne proposes 6 major fields of specialization in its different training cycles.

Lab-STICC : signature of an agreement with India   10/02/2016
The Lab-STICC*, represented by its partners (CNRS, ENSTA Bretagne, ENIB, Télécom Bretagne, UBO and UBS), signed a protocol agreement with the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, one of the three largest Indian research establishments

Happy New Year 2016!   04/01/2016
The students and staff of ENSTA Bretagne wish you an excellent and inventive year ahead in 2016.

Creation of the Dupuy de Lôme Research Institute (IRDL)   01/01/2016
The Dupuy de Lôme Research Institute was officially created on 1 January 2016. Resulting from the merger between the LBMS and LIMAT-B laboratories, its 280 members aim to respond to current and future scientific and technological challenges, linked to materials, mechanical and systems engineering

How to train innovative engineers?   16/12/2015
ENSTA Bretagne has not waited for new guidelines to arrive from the CTI to create a training context encouraging innovation.

Intelligence embedded in a swarm of autonomous underwater robots   10/09/2015
ENSTA Bretagne and its partners were given 5 years and a budget of 3.383 million euro to rise to the challenge: design a group of autonomous underwater robots which are heterogeneous, low cost and capable of carrying different payloads for various sorts of missions.

297 new students after the summer break 2015   08/09/2015
297 new students integrated the Engineer, Company-linked Training, Master and Advanced Master training courses after the summer break. That means 872 students in total, in 11 different training cycles and the research laboratories.

Research : a quick method to estimate material lifespan   31/08/2015
Lecturers and doctoral students of the LBMS (Brest Laboratory of Mechanics and Systems) on campus at ENSTA Bretagne, have developed a rapid method of identifying the lifespan of materials thanks to thermometry. 

Fulbright Specialist grant: Reception of Professor Carlos Seiglie, Rutgers University (USA)   15/06/2015
A specialist in the field of Defense and International Economy, Carlos Seiglie is a professor of Economics at Rutgers University where he is in charge of the Department of Economics. From 15 to 24 June, the Human and Social Sciences (SHS) Department  at ENSTA Bretagne received him within the framework of a Fulbright Specialist grant.

Greener and Safer Energetic and Ballistic Systems Workshop   12/06/2015
The GSEBS summer school proposed by ENSTA Bretagne within the ERASMUS+ project GSEBS will take the form of a workshop (Monday 14th to Friday 18th of September, 2015) on experimental approaches of shock waves and their related numerical simulation.

ISCOM Marketing Challenge 2015   08/06/2015
The ENSTA Bretagne/ISCOM mixed teams placed 1st and 2nd in the challenge put forward by the PIAS label. The excellent complementarity  of analysis and inventiveness of the future communication specialists and engineers bore fruit.

2015 national survey of 2014 graduates   20/05/2015

Video : Courses at ENSTA Bretagne on Maritime Engineering   07/05/2015
Have you missed the Campus Channel live on our Marine / Maritime Engineering programmes? You can still watch it online!

The LIPS Project, the prize for social innovation   04/05/2015
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« Ethics in Practice » ; a debate on ethics and engineering   07/04/2015
On Wednesday 8 April, almost 200 students gathered for discussions in English on the theme of “Ethics in Practice”. At the end of the afternoon, the student engineers of ENSTA Bretagne won the debate against the team from Telecom Bretagne.  

Company role play : Three days working together to save a company from receivership.   18/03/2015
For three days, 2nd year student engineers plunged themselves into a company role play. An efficient way to synthesize the lessons received from the Human and Social Sciences Department, and to work together on a practical project.  

An innovation and optimization center at ENSTA Bretagne   30/01/2015
In 2014, ENSTA Bretagne created the Centre d’Innovation et de Valorisation (CIV) (or the Center for Innovation and Optimization): a center of dicussion and creation involving the staff, the students and graduates of ENSTA Bretagne, as well as people from outside the school (experts, students, citizens etc) aimed at creating an ecosystem favoring entrepreneurship (technological transfer, patents or innovative company creations).

Godparent to the 2016 cohort   16/01/2015
On 16 January 2015 ,Yann Vincent, Executive Vice President and Director of Supply Chain and Manufacturing of the PSA Peugeot Citroën Group   came to the ENSTA Bretagne Campus as godparent to the 2016 cohort.

Happy New Year 2015   05/01/2015
We wish you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

ENSTA Bretagne & ENSA Paris La Villette create a joint diploma in « Ship Design »   07/12/2014
The two graduate schools, one of engineering, the other of architecture, are preparing the opening of a new training course for September 2015 ,enabling the acquisition of a joint diploma with a level equivalent to 6 years post High School Diploma, combining the skills in Naval Architecture of Engineering and Architecture (“Ship Design”).  

Student and Graduate Forum 2014   25/11/2014
On 25 November 2014, about 50 Alumni were back on the ENSTA Bretagne campus to share their professional experience and propose internships or jobs.

Conference on nanotechnologies by K.LAFDI, University of Dayton (USA)   20/11/2014
Khalid Lafdi, professor at the University of Dayton, held a conference on the theme : “Pave the way for multifunctionality using nanotechnology, on 20 November at ENSTA Bretagne.