Madhi gives feedback on the Specialized Advanced Master in Pyrotechnics and Propulsion

Interview September 2015

What made you choose this master at ENSTA Bretagne ?

Before joining the Specialized Advanced Master in Pyrotechnics and Propulsion at ENSTA Bretagne, I worked in the air force as an aeronautical systems engineer. This AM complemented my first degree and knowledge acquired during my career in defense (in the aerospace and propulsion field).

Did the training live up to expectations ? What are your impressions?

I am very satisfied with my specialized advanced master. I learned a lot. In fact, I appreciated it so much, I recommended my brother come to study here after his engineering degree. He has just joined the Specialized Advanced Master in Naval and Offshore Architecture at ENSTA Bretagne!

After six months of training on campus, you went on an internship. How did that go?

I was at the PRISME Laboratory for almost 6 months (Laboratoire Pluridisciplinaire de Recherche en Ingénierie des Systèmes, Mécanique, Énergétique or Laboratory for Multi-disciplinary  Research into Systems, Mechanics and Energy Engineering) part of INSA Centre Val de Loire and the University of Orleans. My mentor was a very good trainer. He had just left his job to become a scientific ambassador for France in Indonesia. For 6 months I was able to work on project management, carrying out missions not only for the Ministry of Defense and industrialists, but also discovering the research side of things, mostly by writing a scientific article. At the end of the mission, the laboratory offered me a job. Since then, I have been working as a research engineer.

How was your integration into ENSTA Bretagne ? Did you like life as a Brest student?

As I am a foreigner (originally from Tunisia), I profited from several exchange sessions and receptions as soon as I arrived in Brest. The ENSTA Bretagne integration program is really nice. Together with the other foreign students, I was received at Brest City Hall. We were fortunate enough to have a sea trip around the Brest Roadstead.

The studies advisors and the international relations service always kept us well informed and answered our questions. For an advanced master, we only spend 6 months in lessons at ENSTA Bretagne, so I did not have the time to make a real go of the student union but I joined in the many opportunities for sports activities on campus.

When I arrived at ENSTA Bretagne, I chose to live in a hall of residence and after 3 months, I left to become a roommate with friends. Brest should be recommended for studying: there is a lively student life and the cost of living is not too expensive!

There was a good atmosphere in our year, we made a good team and the conditions for working on our different projects were very good. I also thank the administrative and teaching staff who helped us in our efforts and were always available.


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