Detailed program of the Double-degree Progam "Ship Design"



Ship Design Option

CU 5.8 - Sailing yacht Design (5 ECTS - 100 % French)

This CU covers the study and pre-sizing of sailboat hull structure. This part precedes the Sailboat Design Loop project. At the end of this CU, students will be able to complete a succinct sailboat pre-project. The calculation of the associated stresses and deformation to which the different elements of the structure are submitted will be studied.

CU M6 - Projects (9 ECTS)

CU M7 - Sketch (5 ECTS)

The lessons on sketching and drawing techniques enable the students to discover the medium of drawing as a visual language, sharpening their sense of observation whilst attempting to reproduce a faithful version of reality and expressing the idea and the structure of the new design.
The themes of the sketches are taken from different studies of nature: still life, landscapes, architectural spaces, ships, live models. The lessons take place on the school campus and outside, especially in parks, on the banks of the Seine, the galleries of the Muséum de l’Histoire Naturelle, the rooms of the Musée de la Marine, Boat Shows etc

CU M8 - Quality of Space (2 ECTS)

This project consists in the creation of a floating and drifting extension of the ENSA PLV positioned on a body of water situated on the convergence of the canals on the edge of the Villette Park. Neither ship nor building or perhaps both at the same time. The objective is to stimulate discussion on the reciprocal optimization of the town and this vessel. It is also there to “liberate” creativity and to learn how to qualify spaces using lights, opacity and views.
The student chooses a hypothesis. He qualifies it and expresses it in the form of a model and graphically by a TS thus inventing a space. This model called “figure” is a scale model of the future ship and will be place on the communal model of the site. This “figure” constitutes the main thread and the “contract” that the student must respect until the end of the work on the project. The “figure” must procure an emotion felt by all before the next step can begin.

CU M9 - Workshop: Ship Techniques (6 ECTS)

After the course unit on the design of sailboats covering the main technical constraints linked to the project, the student must have applied his basic general knowledge via his project on quality of space. This course will help him understand the inter-dependence of technical areas (Hydrostatics, Hydrodynamics, Structure, main equipment etc) and thus know how to rank them according to the program in hand.

CU M10 - Science and etchnology associated with the design (4 ECTS)

This CU is in the form of an intensive work period of 2 weeks and is the logical progression and complement to the course on Naval Hydrodynamics. The objective is to master the geometry of developable surfaces with the help of an informatic tool, Rhino 3D, as well as the use of a working model, for a qualitative analysis of the wave field through towing experiments. The student starts by hand drawing a shape using extremely synthetic dimensionless coefficients. Then, the latter is modeled using the surface modeler Rhino 3D and it evolves into a surface.



Detailed program