Our students have got talent

Every year, ENSTA Bretagne students take part in different challenges and exciting projects (within the framework of their studies or on a personal basis). Here are a few examples.

HYDROS Paris Brest Team  2015 - HydroContest. ©PierrickContin.fr

Shell Eco-Marathon

859 km travelled on 1 liter of petrol : Team ENSTA Bretagne’s new record at the Shell Eco-Marathon which was held in London from 30 June to 3 July 2016. This new performance enabled the team to come 6th in the Petrol Prototype category! 

Shell Eco-Marathon

Energia Challenge

In 2014, two students following company linked training at ENSTA Bretagne received 3rd prize in the Energia Challenge thanks to their dossier on Jackets: from the design to dismantling

Energia Challenge

4L Trophy

In February 2016, Julie and Morgane, student engineers at ENSTA Bretagne, participated in this sporting and humanitarian, France to Morocco rally.
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 For the 2016 edition, a team composed of students from ENSTA Bretagne, IAE Brest, UBO and ISCOM Paris obtained first prize in the finals of the Entrepreneuriales of Bretagne with INOBO Kiteboarding :

transparent, customizable and connected kitesurfing boards!

The team was also finalist in the “Greenwich Plan Competition” of the University of Greenwich.

Industrial Project Trophy

During the 11th edition of the Industrial Project Trophy of Brittany, the load test bench designed by two second year students at ENSTA Bretagne received the Best Achievement Prize. The bench will enable the testing of Inorope, the pulley created by Thibault Rheinart (2012 cohort).

Trophée des projets industriels


Since the start of the school year in 2015, eleven students from ENSTA Bretagne have been working on the creation of YETRI : a robot designed to make preschool and elementary school children aware of selective waste sorting. The team is relying on the ENACTUS network to get its social entrepreneurship project up and running.

L'équipe ENACTUS ENSTA Bretagne et son projet de Yetri

50 000 ¤ and 100 days in a Bayer incubator in Berlin

It was during their substitution period in Shanghai that Alaa and Nicolas met David and launched the Sendinaden start-up. Their first product is an anti-pollution mask, laureate of the Grant4apps competition run by Bayer.
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Third time lucky for ENSTA Bretagne, partnered by ENSA Paris La Villette, who won first prize in the « Heavy Boat » category and 2nd place in the « Light Boat” category. A great victory for this 100% student team combining student engineers specializing in Naval Architecture and Embedded Systems.

> For 2017, the team is ready to take up the challenge!

Challenge HYDROCONTEST ©PierrickContin.fr

Sailing : ENSTA Bretagne Sailing Team

In 2015, the team got together with the “yachties” of ENSTA ParisTech for two competitions and finished:
> 3rd in the Armen Race
> 3rd in the Grand Prix de l’Ecole Navale at the National Defense Criterium.

Robotics competitions

The school has taken part in the following international robotics competitions :
-Sauc-E (underwater robotics)
- Eurathlon (robotics)
-WRSC – World Robotic Sailing Championship
In 2016, the ENSTA Bretagne teams won 1st prize in the SAUC-E competition, 2nd place in the WRSC. In 2015, they won 5 prizes in the Eurathlon competition.

Every year, the robotics club of ENSTA Bretagne also takes part in the French Robotics Cup organized by the town of Ferté-Bernard (in the Loire region)

Concours de robotique

Spacieta : launching rockets at C’Space

Over the last few years, ENSTA Bretagne students have been launching mini-rockets and experimental rockets during C’Space organized by Planète Sciences and the CNES.
In 2014, the students won the Encouragement Prize from Planète Sciences.

Spacieta : lancement de fusées au C-SPACE

Marketing Challenge with ISCOM Paris

For the 2nd consecutive year, the second year students will take part in the marketing game of ISCOM (a graduate school of communications, based in Paris). Out of the 6 mixed teams of ENSTA Bretagne/ISCOM Paris, two of them won the 1st and 2nd prizes in the PIAS music label challenge.

SIA Powertrain : International conference

On 1 and 2 June 2016, student engineers from the Vehicle Architecture and Modeling option will take part in an international conference (presentation of posters) organized by the Society of Automobile Engineers.

Concours SIA, véhicule propre