Marine Renewable Energies Expert Advanced Master - Program

1st semester : 501 hours of applied training, starting in December

Courses take place in Brest mainly on the ENSTA Bretagne campus which is equipped with research and development laboratories and all the equipment and facilities needed for state of the art training: amphitheatres, IT tools and dedicated software, sports facilities, restaurant, multi-media library….…

1. Overview of Energy Resources

Course Unit Hours
Waves: dynamics and resources 24h, Ifremer
Tides and coastal circulation 21h, Ifremer, Cerema
Ocean circulation 9h, UBO/IUEM
Numerical modelling 18h, Ifremer, Cerema
Measurements in a coastal environment 12h, Ifremer
Coastal meteorology 12h, Météo France

2. Engineering Sciences and Technology

2.1. Design of Energy Extraction Systems

Course Unit Hours
Elements of hydrodynamic design of mechanical energy collectors (wind turbine, underwater turbines, wave energy converters) 39h, Ecole Navale, ENSTA Bretagne, Ifremer
Design elements and review of exploitation system technologies of marine thermal energy. 12h, Ifremer, Naval Group, Ecole Navale
Design elements of mechanical systems 15h, ENSTA Bretagne, Ecole Navale
Material and structures in a marine environment 24h, ENSTA Bretagne, Ecole Navale
Design of facilities at sea 33h, ENSTA Bretagne, Ifremer

2.2. Design, Analysis and Management of the Energy Chain

Course Unit Hours
Power Transmission 30h, ENSTA Bretagne, Ecole Navale
Analysis of the electricity chain and control, optimization and management of energy chains 42h, Ecole Navale, UBO/IUT Brest, ENSTA Bretagne
Capture and transmission systems, diagnosis and management of weakened modes 21h, IMT Atlantique, IUT Brest

3. Coastal Environment and Impacts

Course Unit Hours
Sedimentary dynamics 21h, Cerema, Ifremer
Marine ecology and disturbance of ecosystems 24h, Ifremer
Coastal geology 24h, UBO/IUEM, SHOM, Ifremer
Geomatics 27h, UBO/IUEM, Ecole Navale

4. Marine Energy and Society

Course Unit Hours
Legal instruments and stakes 15h, UBO/IUEM
Spatial and social stakes 18h, UBO/IUEM
Economic aspects  24h, UBO/IUEM, Naval Group

5. Project (either/or – 9h tutoring)

Course Unit Hours
Design of energy production systems 9h
Case study of an installation 9h

6. Refresher Courses (as needed)

Matières Volume horaire total dont Cours, TD et BE
Reminders Electrical engineering 12h, ENSTA Bretagne, Ecole Navale, UBO/IUT Brest
Electrical Machines 18h, ENSTA Bretagne, Ecole Navale, UBO/IUT Brest
Mechanical technology 21h, ENSTA Bretagne, Ecole Navale
Fluid mechanics 18h, UBO/IUEM, Ecole Navale, ENSTA Bretagne
Introduction à MATLAB 12h, Ifremer