A large choice of possible careers

ENSTA Bretagne trains general and specialist engineers. After following the core curriculum, student engineers follow one of the numerous in-depth courses on offer. The specialization is progressive (the first choice is made at the end of the first year following a multidisciplinary project, and is consolidated at the beginning of the 2nd year).

Information Technologies

In the field of ICT the special subjects proposed are based on the fields of excellence of the Information and Communication Science and Technologies Research Laboratory of ENSTA Bretagne. Numerous industrial partners are involved in the course (proposal of projects, participation of experts etc) and challenge the students with the genuine issues they are facing. This contact with the industrial and research world enables the students to be thoroughly immersed in the issues of the sector. When they leave school, they innovate within large industrial groups, innovative SMEs and research laboratories.

Hydrography and Oceanography

This special subject, unique in France and the largest in Europe, is certified at the highest level by the international hydrographic organization FIG-OHI-ACI.  This path to deepening skills is a balance between theory and hands-on experience. Being immediately operational, graduate hydrographers and oceanographers of ENSTA Bretagne work in the four corners of the globe.

- "Hydrographic Engineering and Data Processing" profile
- "Operational Oceanography" profile
- "Marine Geophysics" profile

Mechanical Sciences

Automobiles, ships, rockets…ENSTA Bretagne student engineers having chosen a special subject in mechanical technologies and sciences bring their expertise to the whole system; from the design of one part to complete architectures. Their core training includes numerous studies covering resistance calculations, stability and the behavior of materials. Many academic and extra-curricular projects enable the students to put their knowledge into practice, from numerical simulation to the design of the final product. 

Vehicle Design and Modeling

- "Structure calculation" profile
- "Vehicle design" profile

Conception automobile - Architecture véhicules et modélisation mécanique

Naval and Offshore Architecture

- “Offshore Platforms” profile
- “Advanced Naval Hydrodynamics” profile
- “Advanced Naval Structures” profile

Naval and Offshore Architecture

Pyrotechnics and Propulsion

Design Pyromechanisms and Propulsion Systems.

Pyrotechnics - Propulsion

Management/Project Management

This special subject in company sciences is systematically associated with technical expertise. Thus, the engineering sciences are matched with business administration and management classes. Graduate engineers can continue towards careers as project managers (several double degrees possible) and even create their company with the help of the ENSTARTUPS incubator.


Engineering and Management

- "Software Architecture" profile
- "Information Processing" profile
- "Design of Offshore Platforms" profile
- "Vehicle design" profile

Engineering and Management