The ENSTA Group: The Advanced Techniques

In December 2010, ENSTA Paris-Tech and ENSTA Bretagne, two engineering schools which have long been complementary, created the ENSTA Group (Ecoles Nationales Supérieures de Techniques Avancées) to enhance their high level courses and research activities.

This group associates two schools recognized in their fields of expertise: energy, transport, maritime engineering and major industrial systems.
In the highly competitive context of higher education, size and visibility are major growth factors. The creation of the ENSTA Group is to this end.

The first joint actions of the two schools in the group are :

  • at an international level , through the sharing of certain of their networks,
  • at an educational level, through the creation of complementary common courses whilst maintaining distinct engineering curricula,
  • at a research level, through the development of concerted approaches between their laboratories.

The principles of cooperation within the ENSTA Group:

  • A shared name, ENSTA, which refers to advanced techniques, high technology and major systems;
  • A shared recruitment method : ENSTA Bretagne adopting the Mines Pont competitive entry examination series via the Ecoles des Mines competitive examinations.
  • The sharing of three strong values : excellence, multidisciplinarity, openness;
  • The continuation of judicial autonomy of the two establishments;
  • The continuation of separate engineering diplomas.

The group intends to receive other graduate engineering schools in complementary areas of excellence and who adhere to the founding principles of the group, notably a high capacity for innovation and a “systems” approach to education.

ENSTA Bretagne joined the Concours Commun des Ecoles des Mines since 2012 (Collective Competitive Entry Examinations of the Ecoles des Mines) (students specializing in Mathematics in their preparatory class series :MP, PC, PSI and PT, that is to say, those who have followed the Mathematics and Physics, Physics and Chemistry, Physics and Engineering Sciences or Physics and Technology preparation series).