Brest, The Student Metropolis.

One Brest inhabitant in ten is a student. With 26 000 students, over 2000 of whom are foreign, Brest metropolis leaves no room for doubt: the surroundings, just like the lifestyle, are exceptional!

Rue Jean Jaurès, the main street in Brest, and on the tram route.

Classed 5th  best medium-sized city in which it is good to study by L’Etudiant 2013/2014, Brest is a city worth discovering.

The breath-taking coastline, buzzing student life, diverse sports facilities, especially water sports amenities, its rich cultural program, good means of communication …everything is there in Brest to give you the best years of your life.

A Inspiring Welcome From The City.

And to start the year off on a good foot, every year, the city of Brest prepares a reception that you will never forget! with 5 highlights

- The official welcome from the Mayor: a reception held in the Salon Richelieu at the City Hall to wish you welcome.

- The foreign students’ evening: an evening celebration to meet and get to know each other, organized by the associations hosting foreign students.


The Stroll Brest student reception evening (2013 edition).

The Bureau des Eleves (Student Union) will also offer you a fun-filled and friendly welcome, culminating in the integration weekend.

Brest Roadstead is a 180 km² stretch of water

How to get to Brest: