As an integral part of the academic research environment, the laboratories carry out high-quality scientific studies which in turn lead to an active publication policy. They also develop partnership and contract-based arrangements with research institutes and industrial firms working in their field of expertise.

The development of research activities led by ENSTA Bretagne answers two main objectives:


Today, ENSTA Bretagne's research is divided into three department:

 Yann Doutreleau,  Scientific Director

"With the creation of its research laboratories in 2001, ENSTA Bretagne confirmed its will to embark on research activities. Its main objective is to reinforce the level of excellence of its courses, contribute to the success of the institute towards its industrial partners and also develop an atmosphere of curiosity and innovation among students"


  180 people involved

Our infrastructure and equipment:

* 3,000 m² of laboratory
* tri-axial fatigue platform
* shock machine for fluids or solids
* anechoic chamber in X-band
* ocean research launch
* CAD-CAM resources
* computation cluster
* software (Abaqus, Samcef, Fluent, Matlaab, etc;)
* Basin of 36 m3


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Phone: +33 (0)2 98 34 87 38
Fax: +33 (0)2 98 34 88 62

Mailing address:
2 Rue François Verny
29806 BREST - Cedex 9