Naval Architecture and Offshore - Diplôme d'ingénieur (i.e MSc in Engineering)

Objective : train engineers capable of analyzing and/or designing a naval or offshore platform integrating all aspects of naval architecture and respecting specifications and regulatory constraints.
Their training will enable them to integrate a theory and design team, through active participation in decision-making and project management.

This programme is open to international students.

3 specializations: "Offshore Platforms", Advanced Naval Hydrodynamics" or "Advanced Naval Structures"

“Offshore Platforms” Profile

This profile will bring the depth of knowledge necessary for designing an offshore platform system. The areas of expertise developed include the different types of offshore platform, their equipment, the constraints, the design tools etc

“Advanced Naval Hydrodynamics” Profile

In this profile, the student engineers will be trained in the detailed examination of the hydrodynamic performance of ships and their structures.
This profile prepares for research activities in applied hydrodynamics (the Research Master’s Degree in “Naval Hydrodynamics” in collaboration with the Université de Bretagne Occidentale).

“Advanced Naval Structures” Profile

This profile imparts the depth of knowledge necessary for the advanced design of naval structures. It covers the aspects linked to the numerical modeling of these structures, so as to establish the response of a structure to the different loadings encountered, and examines the principal modes of wear and tear (fatigue, buckling etc) in view to structural dimensioning.

+  Detailed Programme



The main areas of activity targeted by this option concern the naval and offshore industries ; study offices, service and engineering companies in naval and offshore construction, major constructors acting as contracting parties, classification and certification societies, research and development centers, etc


Naval Architecture and Offshore Engineering - Diplôme d'ingénieur
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