Advanced Master (BAC+6)

Acquire new expertise thanks to a reputed further studies course in one of ENSTA Bretagne’s areas of excellence.

ENSTA Bretagne proposes four vocational training courses at a 6 year post Baccalaureate level. Accredited by the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles (French association of graduate Schools in engineering and management), these Advanced Master 1 year courses are open to candidates who have obtained a 5 year post Baccalaureate level (Master or Engineer) or  through VKE (Validation of Knowledge through Experience). 

AM Pyrotechnics and Propulsion

AM Renewables Marine Energies

AM Marine Engineering/ Naval Architecture and Offshore Engineering

 "Naval and offshore Engineering" OR "Naval Architecture and Engineering: Ship Design"

AM Sensors, Geolocation and Navigation

AM Management of Maritime Projects




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